What Exactly Is A Pointer?

Pointers are sort of like the “do you even lift?” of the programming world. Despite this, they aren’t really all that confusing. Actually, they can be very easy to understand given a little primer on how memory works in C and C++. So let’s take a look at the mystical world of pointers.

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A New Chapter

A couple of years ago I was a relatively new face in web development (and if I’m being real, I still very much am). I had a lot to prove and a lot of motivation to prove it with. I was bright eyed and bushy tailed. There was a skip in my step (or a hop in my stride - whatever the kids or saying these days). I had a lot of passion and an endless supply of motivation. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed a very sharp contrast between the me of then and the me of now.

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Ruby on Rails Development With Crane for Docker

I’ve been searching for a solution for a Ruby on Rails development environment since Docker and LXC first hit the spotlight in the Linux community. Using Linux containers is far more appealing than a Vagrant setup mostly due to the lower resources containers use over traditional emulation.

My search originally brought me to Fig and then later to it’s fork Docker Compose. Both of which had major issues getting Rails up and running.

Finally, a friend suggested Crane.

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